We moved into a ghetto house that needed lots of love. When we moved in my parents made it a point to clean the windows. I initially thought that that was dumb and a waste of time. I now see the wisdom in it. With clean windows your home feels better. They did the best they could and I appreciate what they did. A year later we called and had them clean them again. They did a great job. However, the old windows had to go. They rattled during storms and we felt a breeze in the winter.

We started with the bathroom window. I learned a valuable lesson on sizes. I learned that if you the window is big it will take 2 to 3 times longer to install than if it is a little smaller than the opening you are going to put it in. We have 4 different window sizes in our home and the 5 windows are all the same in the bedrooms. I measured that one very carefully. I measured a little small. I was so delighted that the removal and install by myself was under 2 hours for the second window.


  1. remove
  2. Clean
  3. place
  4. plumb and shim
  5. nail
  6. caulk
  7. insulate
  8. caulk